Men’s Bible Study Methods

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bible18.jpg The next Bible study methods class for men will be 7 AM, Saturday, November 15, 2008 at the First Baptist Church of Perryville, MD. Even if you do not come to the study, you can learn and practice this method to grow and stay fresh in your study. Men can come without doing the assignment and still learn. But you will learn more if you take the time to study and practice this method.

This month’s Bible study method: Survey Study

The assignment for the next class is to practice the survey study method of Bible study. This helps cover large amounts of scripture to get an overview of the Bible. It works well, especially in conjunction with other Bible study methods.

Here is the assignment:

Read the book of I John (hint: not the Gospel of John, but the First Epistle of John).

1. Make simple marks in the margin of significant verses. Alternately: note significant verses on a separate sheet of paper.

2. After reading the book through once, read it again, chapter by chapter.

3. On a piece of paper, write the phrase: Chapter 1. Beside it write one sentence or so that describes what you think is the main thing the chapter teaches or the main thing happening in the chapter. Below Chapter 1, write the phrase Chapter 2. Read the chapter. Beside it, write one sentence or two describing that chapter. Do the same for each chapter in the book.

4. Give your best shot at writing a one sentence summary of what the whole book teaches or is talking about. If possible, it should incorporate or summarize as many of your chapter summaries as possible.

5. Write down the most significant truth that you saw in the book. Write a specific application of how that truth could be used by God in your life.
The training and discussion will be led by Dr. Gauger, pastor at the First Baptist Church of Perryville, MD. The First Baptist Church is located in Cecil County, on Route 40, 1 1/2 miles east of Route 222. The church is across Route 40 from the new construction where the Principio Health Center is being built.

The Bible study will be held at the church in the back classroom on the second floor. Easiest access is to drive around the building to the back parking lot. Use the back door. The main entrance will also be open. Bring your Bible, a pen or pencil, and your notes or paper to take down what you learn. Dress is casual. The study will last about an hour, but the pastor will stay longer for any with additional questions.

Questions? Please call 410-642-6865.

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