First Baptist Church of Perryville

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pizap.com14199551074806.jpg  Sunday Morning Worship is at 10:30 AM.

First Baptist Church of Perryville is located one and a half miles east of Rt. 222.  Questions?  Call the church office, 410-642-6865.

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St. Patrick, Missionary to the Irish

  One night in fifth-century Wales, everyone in Calpurnius’ house was in bed asleep—everyone except Patrick, who sat on the edge of his bed. His head was swirling with the dream that had stirred him from a sound slumber. In the dream, a man he had known in Ireland handed Patrick a letter. Accepting it, Patrick read the title, “The Voice of the Irish,” and simultaneously heard voices crying out, “Holy boy, we beg you to come and walk among us once more.” Moved to tears, Patrick was unable to read further.1 Upon awakening, he realized he had received a mandate from the Lord: He was to return to Ireland, where he had once been enslaved, and bring Christianity to the people.2