How do you find past articles and events on the web site?

Do you want to refer to one of the past articles from our web site?

On the right side of the home page of our church web site (beneath the black box with the cross and above the three random photos from from our photo gallery) is the section entitled Categories.

Pick the type or category you wish.  The main articles are found under the featured link. All the articles about events are under the upcoming link.

Click on the category you desire.  You will enter the archive of all previous entries of that category.  There is a search feature with each category.  Enter a key word to quickly go to the article or just scroll backwards through the archive.

Say you want to find the articles on Mormonism.  They were featured articles so click on the category of featured.   In the search box, enter the word archeology and it will take you to the specific article on Mormon archeology.  Enter the word Mormon and it will list all six article starting with the most recent.

Say you want to review the Bible study methods assignments.  There were events, so click on the category of upcoming.   In the search feature, enter the word men or Bible.  All the articles will be listed starting with the most recent.

The same works for recorded preaching if you click on listen either in the categories or on the tool bar at the top of the page.

Why don’t you try it out right now?  Go to the web site:

Find the list of categories on the right hand side.  Try upcoming events.  Click on it and you will find the archive and see the most recent items.  Note that you enter a word in the search box near the top.  Or you can scroll to the bottom and simply go to next page.